Do you know what time it is?

do you know what time it is

While driving on 64 west, I was behind a truck when a pebble ricocheted off one of its wheels and landed in the center of my windshield, leaving a nice little chip. I looked at that chip for weeks, knowing I probably needed to go get it checked out. I was foolishly hoping it would remain small and I wouldn’t have to do anything about it. About 4 weeks later, I got in my car and realized that the little chip had stretched out across my windshield and created a 12” crack. Darn! I called my insurance company immediately. As it would have you, chips are easy to fix and can be repaired free of charge under insurance. Cracks over 6” however require replacement and are right under the insurance deductible amount. Waiting to do something I knew I needed to do from the moment that rock hit my window, had cost me $206.27. That’s quite a price tag.

This got me wondering whether there are other places in my life where I’m waiting and procrastinating on things that need to me addressed, changes/decisions that need to be made, and opportunities taken. Perhaps the cost is getting greater or the burden harder to bear with my inaction. I wonder how it is happening for others. Maybe there is a job that needs to be left, career changed, a venture that is ready to be birthed, a relationship to end or friendship to start. Is now the time? What exactly are you waiting for, is waiting benefiting you or costing you?

On the flip side, I am a believer in God’s time in the ecclesiastical sense, that there is a time for everything under the sun. I also believe that there is a holy waiting that can occur and is a blessing. It may be a season to sit down, rest, heal or learn; to cocoon, not to butterfly. Transformation happens in the cocoon. We must discern whether it is time to act or time to wait. I don’t want to act when I should rest. I don’t want sit on the couch when I should act on those things that are in my heart to do. How will I know what time it is?

This is where living life as a conversation with God comes into play. Consistent conversation with God can help us discern what season we are in in different aspects of our lives. In one area, it may be a season of waiting, in another, action. You would have to know how to listen to God and the ways in which he speaks to you in and through your heart and life. Is it through prayer? Spiritual friendship? Scripture reading? Silence? Resonance? Listening to and reflecting on your days?

I pray you seek God in ways that resonated with you, so you can hear him speak. In this new season, I pray that you know where He is inviting you to act and where He is inviting you to wait.


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