I’m always on the lookout for good questions. Questions that get me to deeply reflect and discover something new or move me to greater intentionality. These two questions were about accompaniment, someone to travel with you on your journey.

  1. Who do I have accompany me on my personal and professional journey? To offer me strength, support and encouragement?
  2. Who am I supporting in their success?

After spending 8 months traveling the world alone, I learned firsthand the benefits of companionship. Nine times out of 10, whenever I met someone that I could tour, travel, eat, talk or volunteer with, it always make my time better. The good times were more beautiful and the tough times were more bearable. On the last day of my ATW trip, I was rather tired and not interested in meeting anymore new people. I randomly got into this conversation with Mark, a Spaniard who had just moved to Australia. He was having some trouble understanding the English of our tour guide, and though I didn’t really want to talk I begin helping him out. After the tour, we ended up spending the entire afternoon together at Bondi Beach, had dinner and spent the entire next day together hiking in the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney. Those were a few of the best days of my trip. Some of the burden of trying to figure out what I was going to do, where I was going to go and watching over my person and personal belongings was shared when we were together. Likewise, we also shared in the beauty of the scenery, food and our love for old school hip-hop. I doubt I would have even taken the hike by myself, but with someone it was feasible and enjoyable.

Likewise, in my entrepreneurship class, we have accountability partners to help us through the class. We discuss our ideas, fears, get feedback and offer whatever advice and encouragement we can offer. We also get support from the other women we interact with in the FB group. This interaction is priceless. Similarly, my coaching program advised us to create an advisory board, a group of people with varying expertise that believe in us and our business. Accompaniment. Sometimes we have to be vulnerable and ask for the help and support we need, other times it comes naturally. Either way it’s a blessing. Whether it’s a church community, family member (s), a small group of faith or friends, an accountability partner, mentor or spiritual director, I’ve learned the role that support (a living cloud of witnesses) plays in my spiritual journey and professional success.

The second question was more penetrating. I knew I had a lot of support, but who in my life needed my support? After reflecting, I was inspired to be intentional about “paying it forward” and supporting someone else in my life that may need support. Last, Tuesday, I set a weekly appointment to meet with one of my co-workers, to simply see how he was doing, share information and support him in his success. I’m exciting about the journey, my own and witnessing his.

  1. Who is supporting you in your journey? Where might you seek out this kind of support?
  2. How are you contributing to another’s success? Who in your life needs your support?

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